Member points reward guide

Member points reward guide

【important Notice】

♦  Member accounts originally established on the old official website must use the original registration冊emailReactivate your account to use it。

♦  OriginalMember shopping bonusInterest has been transferred toMember points rewards,can go toMember points rewardsCheck it out!

【Q&A to answer】


QHow to get membership points分?

Earn 1,000 points when you spend over $1,000 in a single order; earn 2,000 points when you spend over $2,000 in a single order, and so on.推

QHow to check points分?

Log in to your BBC member account and click on the lower left corner of the official website角Member points rewards』➡Your points will be displayed in the upper left

QHow to redeem membership points分?

STEP ➊ Click to redeem membership points分』

STEP Click on the discount coupon you want to redeem券』

 600 membership points Can be redeemed 1 free shipping coupon
1000 membership points Can be redeemed 1 $100 discount coupon

STEP  After sending, it will show success and the redemption will be completed.換

QHow to use free shipping coupons/discount coupons券?

STEP Click on member points updates

STEP ➋  Enter the free shipping coupon/discount coupon number below碼」

STEP ➌  Press the copy button on the right

STEP ➍ Enter the discount code at checkout to get the discount【In the event of repeated discounts, the system will automatically select the best for calculation.算