Details And Persistence In Making Baby Bodysuit


Details And Persistence In Making Baby Bodysuit 

At the early stage of development, 27 tests were done for a single baby bodysuit.

baby baby cool uses 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS, the highest standard across the EU, to ensure safety for the babies.

Metal accessories are nickel-free and without heavy metals. All accessories, including buttons and zippers, are made from non-toxic and safe materials.

Neckline and leg openings feature highly flexible elastic bands to ensure that the neckline will not deform easily. Twice the elasticity also makes it easy to dress babies from down to top, avoiding hurting their delicate necks.

Trimming design at the leg openings provides extensive coverage, covering the nappy area well to create a better look. The elasticated leg openings suit babies’ chubby thighs to ensure comfort.

The extensive back design with buttons positioned slightly upwards make changing nappies quick and simple. The buttons can be snapped easily, even when babies are walking or moving. 

Safe and non-toxic label stamping is chosen to replace sewn-in labels, securing children's comfort without any additional irritant. Parents no longer need to remove clothing labels and worry about cutting the clothes or damaging the fabrics. 

All the threads are made of cotton that gently touches children’s soft skin without causing any discomfort. 

GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton is applied. All cotton fabrics are entirely imported from Japan and certified organic cotton by meeting the highest standards. 

All products are 100% made in Taiwan by qualified manufacturing companies to oversee every manufacturing stage, prohibiting illegal employment or child labor.

We do not create fast fashion products that only last for a season. bbc focuses on designing classic and high-quality garments that can stand the test of time and are perfect as gifts or for self-use.

baby baby cool pays special attention to every detail to make sure children are comfortable and safe wearing  our collections.