About the brand

About the brand

Brand spirit

Love should be particular and not compromising就!

I have been an advertising stylist for 13 years. I used to only care about beauty, but since I became a mother, the health and comfort of my children have become my top priority.的考量。

I found that there are many chemical poisons in the fabric that can penetrate into the body through the surface of the skin, causing invisible poison to the growing child's body and also causing harm to the environment.成傷害。


What are the three major needs of a tree: sunlight, air, and water?氣、水!

What are the three major needs of children’s clothes: health, comfort and beauty?適、美!


First thinghealthy,Fabrics should be 100% organic and non-toxic。

The second important thingComfortable,In addition to good fabrics, there must also be good three-dimensional tailoring so that children can move freely and grow up happily.,快樂成長。

The third important thingbeautiful,Beauty is not only about cuteness, but also about showing handsomeness in cuteness and generating confidence in nature. Ideal design creates confident and confident children who spread their wings.張開翅膀!


What we want to do is to make healthy, comfortable and beautiful clothes for children to build the unique self-confidence of each child.子獨特的自信。

Let parents' love not only send their children to fly to the rainbow, baby baby cool, the child itself is a rainbow虹。


We will never compromise if we have the opportunity to do better.協。

We will never use anything that is harmful to children用。

We decided to make pure, soft and better clothes for children so that children can wear them healthily, comfortably and confidently. This piece of clothing is made of natural organic cotton with the highest specification certified by GOTS, the global organic textile certification standard. Metal sub-materials have been tested and safe to use. non-toxic material毒的材質。

The design and cutting techniques are compared with adult fashion production, removing unnecessary decorations, focusing on proportional line cutting, and using simple and non-monotonous colors and splicing techniques to design interesting and creative aesthetic clothing.學效果服飾。

baby baby cool with you

Cultivate children's aesthetic sensibilities from daily life through clothing design with love and beauty. Protect health from the skin through daily wear. In addition, we also need to use children's clothing to showcase Taiwan's design strength and be seen internationally.際間被看見。

design concept

Just as Michelangelo transformed the constraints of reality into art, proving that the true essence of creativity is to express oneself, we hope to apply this spirit to the design concept of BBC概念。

BBC applies the design and manufacturing methods of adult fashion to children's clothes, breaking through the framework of children's clothing to create a fashionable and healthy Taiwanese clothing brand.飾品牌。

Integrate styling experience into design concepts

The splicing technique is used to make the clothes more fit and stylish. The design is interesting and creative. The aesthetic effect is neat, the lines are fashionable, and the minimalist colors allow the baby to present a different style.我風格。

Simple clothes are not easy to design單

Finer considerations such as proportion, line and cut are magnified when superfluous design elements are removed from garments. This requires a deeper understanding of the proportions of the human body, such as the geometric balance of positive and negative space and the harmony between parts and the whole.體之間的和諧。

Original design team

Professional advertising stylists, cutting-edge designers working in Japan, pattern makers, and experienced seamstresses work together to make all homemade clothing. The styles focus on proportional line cutting and use simple and non-monotonous colors and splicing techniques to design interesting and creative aesthetic effects. Clothing lets the world see Taiwan’s children’s clothing design capabilities台灣童裝設計實力。


Use three-dimensional cutting design

Use the special three-dimensional tailoring method only used in famous brand clothing to make clothes衣Clothes are more three-dimensional and stylish. Tailoring is a new technique in recent years, so the cost and difficulty from design to production are much higher than ordinary methods.法高。

What is 3D three-dimensional tailoring? ?

Use a mannequin close to human body proportions, connect the cloth and cover it on the mannequin, use techniques such as cutting, folding, shrinking, grabbing and pinning to create shapes while cutting. Now you can clearly see the 3D space between the cloth and the human body, as well as the human body. The lines and structures of each part are quite expensive because a lot of fabric is consumed in the cutting process.料,所以製作成本較高。

We think children are three-dimensional的

Therefore, we use the adult fashion 3D cutting method to allow children to express their own style. We use the highest specifications and comply with the EU GOTS certification. 100% organic cotton is used as the fabric and non-toxic auxiliary materials. The whole process is handmade in Taiwan.手工製作。

 Cultivate children's aesthetic literacy

Aesthetic literacy is subtly developed from life bit by bit. Aesthetic education starts from life and follows baby baby cool to discover beauty in daily life.現「美」。


Happy. Healthy. Honesty.

I hope the children will be happy, healthy and sincere真誠

Be a confident self!


International Certification

GOTS certified 100% top quality organic cotton fabric

The organic cotton fabrics used in baby baby cool meet the highest standards of organic certification associations in the world, the United States, Japan and the European Union.標準。

In order to integrate different organic cotton certification standards from different countries, the Global Organic Textile Certification Standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) was born. They have the most stringent supervision system for organic cotton. The standard content of GOTS includes planting, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, export and import. And all natural fibers must meet high health and environmental standards and are defined as organic cotton. The land must be cultivated using organic farming methods and must be left fallow for three years. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used. Healthy soil is cultivated through organic fertilizers. The cotton grown is certified. According to statistics, only when there is no chemical residue can it be called organic cotton.藥物殘留後才能被稱之為有機棉。 根據統計,Certified organic cotton accounts for only 2% of global cotton production


From organic cotton fiber to clothing

Every piece of fabric is formed from every yarn that can be knitted and embroidered, and every yarn is made from every fiber that is kneaded together.成。

baby baby cool products use organic cotton fabrics made of 100% organic cotton fiber yarn imported from Japan.料。

 Nickel-free and heavy metal buckle

All auxiliary materials are safe and non-toxic materials ex buckle zipper webbing鍊織帶。


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