sharing experience of babies with different skin_part2

This bag is usually suitable for wearing alone at home. If you want to go out, it is very versatile with your other pants, short skirts, and bag skirts.

The organic cotton material of baby baby cool is my favorite fabric. It is soft and comfortable to the touch. It is suitable for babies with delicate and sensitive skin. The elasticity is also very good. Because Qingbao has fat legs, the pants will not be very tight when worn, plus the shoulder buttons. Designed to be easy for parents to put on and take off the little baby, this bag is usually suitable for wearing alone at home. If you want to go out, you can match it with other pants, short skirts, and hanging bag skirts. It is very versatile.子、短裙、吊袋裙都很百搭。

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Clean, soft colors, the point is that it feels really comfortable 😌

This time I received an organic cotton wrap from bbc. I touched the material and looked at the appearance. My heart is clean and the color is soft. The point is that it feels really comfortable.上下水洗起來!

「The skin of infants and young children has not yet fully developed, and it will absorb 100% of all the substances that come into contact with it. The poisons absorbed through the pores often accumulate in the liver, kidney, lung, and brain, causing permanent damage to the child. To be honest, I didn’t think about it before reading this announcement. The influence of clothes on the baby only stays in the basic new clothes before they can be worn by the baby. I don’t know that the influence of the material of the clothes on the baby is so serious, especially Xuanxuan is a serious abnormal skin baby. I really don’t read enough articles. Understand and thank bbc for re-teach new ideas不夠了解。也感謝bbc重新教導新的觀念。

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Because children have different skin, they are prone to sweat rashes. They look thick, but they are actually very sweat-absorbent~ Even the saliva can be absorbed cleanly!

Usually wearing clothes that don’t absorb sweat is the same, but the whole body sweats the same, but wearing this clothes, you can’t touch the sweat, all the sweat is absorbed by the clothes, because the child is a foreign skin, it is easy to sweat and the rash looks very thick. In fact, it really absorbs sweat~ even The saliva is clean and sweat is a big nemesis for foreign skin. Now it is a great boon to have organic cotton clothes. It is the best for children to make children comfortable. It is more reassuring for parents.服,對家長來說比較安心!

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It felt really comfortable to wear, and in the middle of the night I didn't see my brother scratching the skin.

My brother felt really comfortable wearing this organic cotton clothes. In the middle of the night, I didn't see my brother scratching the skin. The most touching thing was that the customer service patiently communicated with me and shared with me a lot of knowledge about allergies. It turns out that allergies have to wear well-fitting clothes. Mother thinks that Too fit and want to change to a bigger size想換大一號)

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When I first received it, I wanted to say that it was too small and the material was a bit thick. After trying it on, I realized that the three-dimensional tailoring relationship is a little loose. At least the fat belly and the fat legs are not very comfortable.

baby baby cool material is too comfortable, different skin baby is afraid of heat, stuffiness, airtight and allergic It's a little loose to wear. At least the fat belly and the fat legs are not stretched. It is very comfortable, light and breathable. It is very suitable for you to do housework, play basketball and ride a bike.車都很適合喔~

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Unexpectedly, after more than ten minutes of activity, it can be seen that the ductility of this dress is not bad, and it will not be affected by moving around. The most important thing is that she is not sweating profusely.

While helping Baby Rongyi put it on, I felt that the material of the clothes was a little thick to the touch. Although we are in an air-conditioned room, Rongyibao has a little odor and dermatitis, and I am a little afraid that it will make her skin condition. It's better to try it, otherwise, what should I do if I miss a good dress? After wearing it, Rong Yibao seems to feel that she is wearing a new dress and is happily moving around. I don't know what she is excited about. I didn't expect that after ten minutes of activity, I can see that the ductility of this dress is not bad. The most important thing is that she is not sweating profusely. She seems very happy and wants to play with her parents. It just looks thick but it feels just right under the air-conditioned room看起來厚,但是在冷氣房下是個剛剛好的感覺。

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The comfortable and breathable cool material is super suitable for the sultry weather these days, and it is the first choice for babies with different skins!

In the current epidemic situation, staying at home with my baby all day only realizes how difficult it is的事了!

Clothesbaby baby cooll
The comfortable and breathable cool material is super suitable for babies with different skins in this hot and humid weather.選!

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baby baby cool's organic cotton wraps are skin-friendly and breathable

Baby baby cool's organic cotton wrap is so skin-friendly and breathable~ It's really a good partner for babies with different skins. Look how well he sleeps~~

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The baby is comfortable to wear, breathable and sweat-absorbing, and the back will not get wet. It is very necessary in hot summer.

Since I had atopic dermatitis on my face, I have been looking for organic cotton pure and natural clothes. Taiwan brands must push the material. The design is also very European and American. It looks good without the gorgeous design. Answer a hot summer is very necessary的夏天非常需要👍

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The clothes specially designed for babies with different skins are breathable and comfortable, and Xiaomi will not itch when they wear them!

Clothes specially designed for babies with different skins are breathable and comfortable. Xiaomi wears it without itching. The material is very thin. Xiaomi is very comfortable to wear. Happy服😌 開心😃

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No skin flare-ups, no pilling, and no color fading. Just these 3 points make it worth the price.

The real product is really very textured, skin-friendly and very good, especially when I took a look, this dress is really a high order, but it is very stylish and suitable for parents who want to help their children dress up with temperament or yuppie style. It is perfect for me At present, the child has been worn 23 times without causing foreign skin attacks, no pilling, and no fading. These 3 points are worth the price.,光這3點,就覺得蠻值得那個價格。

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Our daily routine is to apply lotion before going to bed, and I wake up itching at least 1-2 times in the middle of the night, but I woke up to dawn last night! Mom, I'm so touched 😭

Last night, I tried to let the child sleep in a fart suit媽我好感動阿😭

I have tried several of his brand of organic cotton before, but there is no such obvious improvement. When I woke up this morning, I still let him wear the same clothes to go out and continue to observe the baby's skin reaction.膚反應😊

Received the organic cotton I tried on, comfortable

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After wearing it all day, the skin condition is ok and it is very breathable. Even if there is sweat, it will be quickly absorbed and drained.

Xiaomao is very afraid of heat and airtight clothes. Usually, pure cotton is the first choice for clothes. This time, I was lucky to get organic cotton. The sweat is quickly absorbed and drained. Then I went to the official website to see the styles of the clothes. Many styles of clothes are out of the way, and there are quite a lot of cute styles. They have a sense of design, but I usually use plastic buttons for the buttons. This is an iron button Or stainless steel, but it will not cause any impact. Overall, the comfort of the baby's clothes is the most important thing.,寶寶穿衣服的舒適度好最重要!大推💕

The hot stamping is very careful and will not irritate the baby's skin because of the label. You can feel their attentiveness and persistence in clothes.

I noticed that the bbc's neck design is a little different from the general wrapping clothes, and the ease of wearing it is really bad. Because we are babies with different skins, we obviously feel it in the material. Besides, they don't use buttons. The way to nail the label is to fix it with a button. This is really a bonus. Hot stamping is also very careful. Because the label irritates the baby's skin, you can feel their intentions and persistence in clothes.用心,以及對衣服的堅持。