Fashion zipper pants

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Straight-leg pants with zippered webbing on the sides, stylish and comfortable.

The comfortable and stylish BBC trousers are suitable for children to wear all year round. They are simple and comfortable, especially suitable for infants and young children with tender skin. We provide various sizes for different age groups to choose from, and the cut and design also allow children to move around. Convenient, allowing children to run, jump and play as they please.

We insist on using only organic cotton, which is grown in a non-toxic environment without adding chemicals or pesticides. Metal auxiliary materials such as buttons, zippers, etc. are all nickel-free, heavy metal-free, non-toxic and safe materials.

  • Made of 100% organic cotton imported from Japan
  • GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard Certification
  • All metal auxiliary materials are made of non-toxic and heavy metal-free safe materials.
  • Double-layer thickened design prevents the neckline from deforming easily
  • Using adult fashion 3D cutting techniques, children can better express their own style.
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Taiwan