100% organic cotton nursing clothes

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✨100% organic cotton is "2-3 times more breathable" than commercially available nursing clothes
✨The CP value is super high and can be worn from pregnancy to postpartum period
✨High elastic design, it will not tighten your belly during pregnancy, will not become loose after being worn for a long time, and the shape is super slim!
✨Skin-friendly and comfortable fabrics are 100% organic cotton imported from Japan
✨Hole design on the chest for fast feeding

Mother's body temperature is relatively high, so she needs fabrics that can dissipate heat but also keep her warm. After production, her immune system is sensitive, which often causes skin sensitivity. Organic cotton can prevent skin from coming into contact with irritating substances that may cause allergies. At the same time, breathable 100% organic cotton can be more effective than Generally, fabrics are 2-3 times breathable, so even if the mother's body temperature is high, she will not be sweaty or stuffy and uncomfortable, making her unable to have a good rest.

If you love your baby, you must love yourself more. Only when you have a good rest can you have the strength to take care of your baby. Let babybabycool use 100% top-grade organic cotton fabric to protect your precious mother’s first nursing garment!